Drone and aerial camera options for hire

We operate a variety of drones. The DJI Inspire 3 with X9 camera and Hasselblad lens kit is the latest to join the ranks. This is truly a generational step up from previous drones, where reliability, flexibility and automation options contribute to a better experience and solution for everyone.

We also use the versatile Mavic 3 cine Pro which has stability like nothing we’ve seen before. It’s a great drone for getting into tight spaces, flying inside or as a backup. With a flight time of over 40 minutes and shooting in ProResHQ, it’s a beast in its own right.

The DJI Inspire 2 drone, with the X7 camera and lens kit is available for use too.

Inspire 3 with X9

Dual operators and multiple lens options make this suitable for higher budget projects

Mavic 3 cine Pro

This little drone punches above it’s weight